Shower Steamers

Shower Steamers

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Our Shower Steamers are individually hand crafted and full or fragrance.  Shower Steamers slowly release a beautiful fragrance as the water slowly dissolves them. 

These are sold individually or you can buy 6 for $10

We don't use colour in our steamers to avoid the risk of staining the bottom or shower or bath

These steamers should last 2 - 3 showers depending on where you place them.

HOW TO USE YOUR SHOWER BURST  Remove the wrapping and place the Shower Steamer on the bottom of the shower away from the full flow of water .  The Shower Streamer will be activated once in water and will release and envelop you with the beautiful fragrances throughout your shower. 

These Bursts are especially perfect if you don't have a bath too, simply pop one in the bath when you get in and enjoy!.  

What a wonderful way to start & end your day.


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