Honey Dew Drops with 20% Honey


We have taken our most popular honey, Beechwood Honey Dew to create these delicious Honey Drops.  These drops are perfect for soothing sore, dry and scratchy throats.  Keep some on hand in the pantry, office and in the car.  

These are available in 4 great flavours, Mint, Lemon, Blackcurrant and our exciting NEW flavour, Honey Dew & Propolis*. Each box contains 24 drops.

They have no artificial flavours or colouring and the starch used is Corn.  Corn doesn't contain gluten however please note if this is an issue for you prior to purchasing.

We have moved to Eco friendly packaging to support recycling. Great kindling!

Our Honeydew Honey is rich, dark and simply delicious. Sourced from our hives deep in the remote Beech forests of North Canterbury, New Zealand,  the bark of the native beech tree glistens with special nectar. This 'dew' is transformed by bees into a unique and delicious tasting honey.  Naturally low in Glucose and Fructose.

Our Beechwood Honey Dew is RAW and unpasteurised. 

*Warning: Propolis may cause severe allergic reactions

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