Beeswax Bags


Beeswax bags are a great, reusable option for wrapping your sammies, cheese, avo's or anything else you want to use them on.

Simply use the warmth of your hand to mold around and seal in the food.  

This new range reflects all things 'Kiwi' and is a great gift, especially for sending overseas. 

Made with 100% Cotton Fabric, Jojoba for it's antibacterial properties and Pine Rosin to help it seal.

Each bag is perfectly sized (20cm x 27cm) to fit a 1kg block of cheese, with room to fold and seal, or plenty of sandwiches and snacks.

We also have large wraps in the range. And also smaller single wraps which you can purchase either separately for $10 or add to a bag or large wrap for just $4.



Place cheese in bag (leave the original packing on) and roll close and seal using warm hands.

To clean, simply wipe with a cloth. Or for a deeper clean, rinse with cold, soapy water, rinse and leave to dry. With proper care your beeswax wrap can last up to a year. 

Don't use your beeswax wrap for raw meat or fish and don’t put it in the oven, microwave or dishwasher. Avoid high temperatures as it can leave your wrap in a mess. The same applies for covering leftover food, make sure it has cooled down enough so that it doesn’t effect the wax from the wrap. 

The smell of the beeswax wrap will not interfere with your food.

In time your wrap may show folds and stain depending on the food that you cover.

Please note, from time to time some of the fabric designs may vary from those pictured

We have partnered with a small, family run business in Canterbury who produce these quality Cheese bags to order for us, using our Beeswax!

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