5kg Pails Manuka Honey $120 & Beechwood Honey Dew $60 (including delivery*)
5kg Pails Manuka Honey $120 & Beechwood Honey Dew $60 (including delivery*)

5kg Pails Manuka Honey $120 & Beechwood Honey Dew $60 (including delivery*)

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Due to the popularity of our 5kg pails, we have a great promo running currently.

As honey never goes off, these 5 kgs pails should keep the 'honey lovers' at your place happy.

5kg Manuka Honey Just $120 

5kg Runny Beechwood Honey Dew Just $60

*These great prices include delivery to Non Rural delivery addresses in New Zealand.   If you live rurally, just add $5 for delivery

Due to the nature of the Beechwood Honey Dew, this honey does not harden or crystallise, staying runny to the very last drop.

The Manuka honey may, especially in colder weather harden or crystallise.  This is a natural process of quality honey and does not mean it has gone off.  Simply warm in a bowl of warm water or leave sitting in the sun or in a warm room, stir and the honey will liquify again.  The best bit is, this process can be repeated as many times as needed without affecting the wonderful properties of the honey.

Crystallisation of honey is little understood by many honey consumers. Many assume that when honey crystallises it has been adulterated.  That is not so. Actually, the crystallisation process is natural and spontaneous. Most pure raw or unheated honey has a natural tendency to crystallise over time. Crystallisation does not affect the honey except for colour and texture. Crystallised honey is not spoiled and preserves the flavor and quality characteristics of the liquid honey.

Bear in mind that crystallisation of honey has no bearing on its quality, but it is an attribute of pure and natural honey.