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 this is the nicest honey I have had thankyou and I can buy it at my local veggie shop  😊 Sandy  September 2019

Gorgeous delicious honey! Impressive delivery service too. Its also a reasonable price and nicely presented. Ill be a dedicated buyer 😊 Angela Prosser May 2019

We love your honey! Delicious tasting and love the new branding. I'm really enjoying the body balm - great for dry hands and lips in autumn. And lastly loving the lozenges - so soothing! Thanks for all your wonderful products and great service.  Kirsty Mortell May 2019

Fantastic honey, the price and quality can't be beat! thanks for taking the time to explain the honey to me, no middle man here, straight from the beekeeper's mouth!  J Roxborogh April 2019

Great taste great price can't beat it!! Julie Waugh March 2019


Fantastic Honey at such great Value! Neil Satherly Feb 2019

Fabulous honey and the most lovely people to deal with, looking forward to our next honey delivery 🐝 Nikki Chapman April 2019

Super fresh. Super yummy with all the health benefits. I eat it daily.. sometimes by the spoonful 😊🐝🍀 Gail Hutana-gemnz