Our Hives, Our Honey

YES, we are the beekeepers with over 3,000 hives that produce this amazing RAW, unpasteurised Honey. 

We are a kiwi family business with family values.  We have an amazing team that work long hours to harvest our honey and look after the bees.

Our bees forage in the vast clover fields of the Canterbury plains and the foothills of the majestic Southern Alps in Canterbury, New Zealand where they collect pure nectar free from horticultural sprays and pollution.   

We are passionate about the quality and taste of our honey and love your feedback.  Join us on Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest to keep abreast of what we do daily, lots of specials and competitions too!.

What our customers say;

"The Clover and Honey Dew are so tasty and I'm addicted!" Eve Johnson
"Super fresh.. super yummy with all the health benefits. I eat it
sometimes  by the spoonful"  Gail Hutana-gemnz
"Fantastic Honey at such great value!!!"  Niel Satherley
"I eat it off the spoon everyday" Reuben 7 years old
"I'm converted to South Island Clover, the richness in taste is divine' Steve De Jeu