Did you know that over a third of all human food needs to be pollinated by bees?

Chris has over 20 years experience in pollination and would love to hear from you if you are needing this service.

Please be aware that for the health and well being of our bees, they need to be protected from insecticide and herbicide spraying as well as irrigation.

For best results, we recommend that the beehives be spread evenly throughout the crop. Below is a helpful table with regards to recommended number of hives required for pollination. For more detailed information on pollination, check out Agrifutures page on Honey Bees & Pollination.

Crop Number of Hives
Apple 1 hive per acre
Pears 1 hive per acre
Peaches 1 hive per acre
Raspberries 1 hive per acre
Strawberries 1 hive per acre
Carrots 8 hives per acre
Raddish/Brassica 4 hives per acre
OP Raddish 4 hives per acre
Pumpkin 4 hives per acre
Blackcurrant 4 hives per acre
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