Premium Manuka + Honey Gift Box

$219.00 $160.00

In Premium + Manuka Honey Gift Box you'll receive 250g jars of the 5+, medical grade 15 + and 20+ all ready to gift, or keep for yourself, in a lovely gift box. Manuka Honey just doesn't get any better than this!

This 100% natural, 100% Kiwi, independently tested Manuka Honey has the unique signature attributes which are a characteristic of this unique honey which ensures it's quality and purity.  The grading system to determine the '+' rating is based on tests being done in an independent laboratory where the the honey is tested for the chemical markers, including MGO, HMF, Leptosperin and DHA) to reveal the quality and potency of the Manuka. 

As we are not members of the UMF Association, we are unable to use the UMF grading system on our jars.

Check out our Blog here for more information on Manuka Honey, it's benefits and how to work your way around UMF, MGO and NPA.


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