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Clover Honey


Our Creamed Clover honey is sourced from the attractive clover flowers growing in the vast unpolluted, clean and remote clover fields of the Canterbury Plains, New Zealand.

This is a family favourite with its smooth and delicate flavour and delicate taste on the palate. It really is a great staple for your children's diet!

Available in 3 convenient sizes: 250g, 500g, 1kg and now 2kg & 5kg pails.

Our Canterbury Creamed Clover is RAW and unpasteurised.

If the honey granulates naturally, it can be liquefied by gentle warming.

Please note, due to supply chain issues with packaging, some sizes are packed in different jars than shown in the images. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.  

Serving Suggestion: 

Spread generously onto bread or toast, enjoy as an eating experience by itself.  Mix with warm water and enjoy as a soothing drink and you are feeling a bit snuffly, add to hot water and some lemon juice or our delicious Blackcurrant & Honey Concentrate to that added bit of Vitamin C. Delicious when added to a marinade and/or used as a cooking agent. 

100% Natural     100% Kiwi     100% Pure

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