Winter Wellness - It's the Bees Knees!


Got a cough? A cold? feeling the sniffles in the morning maybe?


Reach for our honey, it helps.

ALL honey is known to have medicinal properties, it's just that Manuka gets all the press!. There is data to show that honey helps relieve irritation in the mouth or throat by forming a protective film, and soothes coughs caused by upper respiratory tract infections and alleviates symptoms.

Honey has a number of other well-documented health benefits, including encouraging faster wound healing and shortening the life of cold sores. Our New Zealand Manuka honey can even inhibit the growth of MRSA, enhance the effectiveness of antibiotics and reduce the risk of antibiotic resistance. WOW.

So, it is much easier in winter to reach for a jar of honey and put a tablespoon into a hot lemon drink or a cup of tea or even straight off the spoon than go to the doctors!  Tea with honey is a universal treatment for those with colds and the flu. Sweet and soothing, honey can help coat your throat and allow you to swallow vital liquids. The anti-inflammatory properties of honey can help relax and open up the muscles of the throat.

I try to use it in cooking whenever I can in winter, from drizzling over my porridge to making a food dressing or marinating meat and fish, 1 teaspoon in a stir fry adds that extra zing you need too, see our recipes on our website.

We have gone one step further this year and developed some delicious Honey Dew Drops so you can suck one on the go. We have them everywhere from the office desk, to the car, to the kitchen worktop (even in a coat pocket or two!), when we feel an irritable throat in one goes! so convenient.

So in winter you can feel well, have a balanced diet, enhance it with honey and have drops everywhere...Easy!

Our May promotion has 500g Honey Dew with 24 Honey drops for just $15!

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