What's the big buzzz about Bee Pollen?


Bee Pollen is considered as nature’s “most complete food” due to its very high nutrient content. The use of bee pollen as dietary supplement can even be traced in the bible and other ancient literatures from other countries. Also, known health practitioners of the olden times like the father of medicine himself, Hippocrates, Pliny the elder, and Phytagoras were said to use this bee product in treating several ailments. They believed that healing is one of the most important bee pollen benefits.

Bee Pollen has the ability to rejuvenate the body, stimulate various organs and glands, enhance vitality, and lengthen man’s life span. Athletes and other people who need increased energy levels turn to bee pollen products to increase the quality of their performance as it has the ability to strengthen the stamina and boost energy. Malnourished individuals use bee pollen supplements to correct their vitamin and mineral deficiencies and eventually achieve a healthier body. The very reason why it is called a complete food is because pure bee pollen supplies all the essential nutrients of the body. 

Rich in vitamins, minerals, proteins, enzymes and amino-acids, bee pollen acts as a natural energiser for the body and boosts the immune system. This perfectly balanced ‘super food’ has many other reported health benefits ranging from slowing the effects of aging on skin, to improving memory, and re-activating sluggish metabolisms.

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Health Benefits of Bee Pollen

  • Bee Pollen can prevent bacterial infection as it contains a substance that inhibits the growth of many harmful bacteria like salmonella, the causative agent for typhoid fever.
  • The high fibre and cellulose content promotes health digestive tract and prevents GI problems like constipation.
  • Regular intake of bee pollen can improve blood composition especially those people suffering from anemia. Studies suggested that there have been notable increase of red blood cells and white blood cells in anemic patients which in turn improves symptoms like fatigue and paleness. It also promotes good circulation.
  • Bee Pollen may prevent high blood pressure, atherosclerosis, and other diseases linked to high cholesterol levels in the blood.
  • Bee Pollen has the ability to strengthen the immune system by increasing the levels of antibodies in the blood. Strong immune system provides high resistance against common colds and flu and other infections.
  • Regular users of Bee Pollen and Bee Pollen products can lose weight more effectively and faster. The high lecithin content of Bee Pollen can improve metabolism and help in flushing fat cells. It also can help with food cravings.
  • Bee Pollen may also increase sexual appetite and enhance sexual performance. In women, it can promote health reproductive system and provides relief from pre-menstrual symptoms.
  • Bee Pollen can help relieve the symptoms of asthma and other allergic reactions.
  • Bee Pollen may give a more vibrant and youthful glow by slowing the aging process.

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