• October's a Buzzzzy Month!

    October's a Buzzzzy Month!
    New products, specials and all the latest buzzzz from The Beekeepers Honey for October 2022
  • What's the big buzzz about Bee Pollen?

    What's the big buzzz about Bee Pollen?
    Bee Pollen is considered as nature’s “most complete food” due to its very high nutrient content. The use of bee pollen as dietary supplement can even be traced in the bible and other ancient literatures from other countries. Also, known health practitioners of the olden times like the father of medicine himself, Hippocrates, Pliny the elder, and Phytagoras were said to use this bee product...
  • Glass vs. Plastic

    Glass vs. Plastic
    When buying your products at the local supermarket, you’ve probably noticed the variety of different containers that your food and drinks come in. Most of them being glass or plastic, but which one do you choose? Which one is not only better for keeping your food fresh but also better for the environment? We get challenged on this subject every time we meet our...
  • Handmade Manuka Honey & Oat Soap

    Handmade Manuka Honey & Oat Soap
    We wanted to sell a Handmade New Zealand Soap that used our Pure Manuka Honey, had NO Palm Oil in it and was healing to the skin - your largest living organ.
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