Real, Raw Honey crystallises and can go hard... And that's a good thing!


Real, raw honey crystallises and that's a good thing as it indicates the honey is pure, raw and unpasteurised meaning the beneficial properties of the honey are firmly in tact.  Depending on the floral source of the honey, it can also go hard (especially in cooler weather) and this is also a natural part of the crystallisation process. 

Honey Dew (Beechwood Runny Honey) is the only honey we produce that will not naturally crystallise, as it is not made from the nectar of flowers.  Some beekeepers produce honeys, i.e. Manuka, which may also contain alot of Honey Dew (or sugar syrup) which stops the honey from crystallising.  

The crystallisation of honey is a natural process and many assume that means the honey has been adulterated or 'spoiled', when in fact, it is quite the opposite and, it's an easy fix!  

If you find your honey has firmed up (which happens quickly as the weather cools)  or crystallised, simply warm the honey gently, stir well until all of the crystals have dissolved. This process can be repeated as often as is necessary.

To find out more about this, follow this link for some easy to understand explanations

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