NEW Honey Dew Drops - Bee Healthy!


It feels like winter, looks like winter, it must be winter!

Its that time of year as autumn is in full swing and winter is but a breath away and your throat starts to get starchy from the car air conditioning and the constant change in temperatures.

It is so nice to reach out and pick up a healthy natural honey drop to suck on and ease the pain!  

Well we heard you and hence our Honey Dew Drops were born last weekend and they sold out at the markets straight away - we are on to a winner! The whole family loved them!

Our Honey Dew Drops are very soothing and combine the natural balance of our Honey Dew Honey (balanced in fructose and Glucose- read more on our blog) with the health benefits of our 3 flavours Lemon, Menthol and Blackcurrant.

We have added Eucalyptus and Echinacea plus aniseed oil to boost healing and leave your throat feeling better.

They DO NOT contain artificial colours or flavours and the glusose used is from corn which is gluten-free - however please check you can take this if you are Gluten intolerant.

We have kept them at an affordable price to be winter friendly and it means you can leave a handful in the car and have plenty for the house.

We always love your feedback so comment on our social media sites or email us to have your say.

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