Give a Soap Bar another chance


Maybe it's nostalgia, or maybe just a return to essentials, but soap bars have come a long way since the sulfate-heavy, overly fragrant ones your grandma kept next to her sink. These days, soap bars are teeming with the same natural, skin-saving ingredients as your favorite go-to cleanser. In other words: they're back.

There has been a huge upswing in minimalist skin care, and the 'less is more' mantra has never felt more relevant, a solid soap bar is easy to use and most importantly, great on the skin as the natural, wholesome ingredients cleanse without stripping skin of its natural oils.

 Soaps last longer and you can get a whole 30 days out of one of our amazing soaps, they contain only the necessary ingredients rather than preservatives sometimes used in balms and shower/bath gels, and require no plastic packaging, which is always a plus for the planet.

Our bar soaps are handmade in small batches and use our Pure Manuka Honey and a range of amazing essential oils and fragrances that smell luscious! They are NOT tested on animals and packaged in a 100% recycled paper. They contain NO Palm Oil, Parabens or fillers.  Our soaps can be used as a body soap, hand soap, shampoo, and face wash, by everyone from head to toe.

Flavours Raspberry & Vanilla, Lemongrass, Vanilla, Oatmeal, Working Hands Soap and our new flavour Coconut & Lime


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